What is Thriiive?

Thriiive is a secure, diagnostic tool that helps you analyse operational data from any manufacturing ERP/MRP system and delivers a detailed and prioritised improvement plan that supports business growth and increased profit.

“Solving some of the most intractable and endemic issues facing businesses…across the UK is the focus for this team and they have equipped themselves with great expertise and sound judgement in making this happen. The end prize is getting to new levels of manufacturing based prioritisation using common and widespread access to web tools and this is new and innovative” – Innovate UK Assessor

How it works

Analyse & Visualise

Our algorithms analyse ERP data and present findings visually.


We quickly appraise your systems and processes to identify issues fast.

Action Plan

We deliver a focused & prioritised improvement plan.


Our web platform enables remote monitoring & mentoring for cost effective specialist support only when required.

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Our Clients

We are not Change Consultants, we offer a tool that can be used by Manufacturing Businesses, Change Consultants,  and Data Scientists that helps streamline their work to deliver tangible results faster and with greater impact.

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